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Sports Injuries

Regain strength and movement after a sports injury. At Flow Physical Therapy, our mission is to have you back in the game and to compete to the best of your abilities in no time!

Common Sports Injuries

Sports and exercise are essential for maintaining good health. Nevertheless, sports injuries are common for those who regularly participate in sports or physical activity. Sometimes injuries happen suddenly or can develop over time due to repetitive sports motions. Some common sports injuries include broken bones, cartilage tears, dislocations, tendinitis, sprains, and strains. 


While you may be able to treat a minor sports injury at home, more severe injuries can require medical attention, surgery, and physical therapy for proper recovery. 


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, please call Flow Physical Therapy at 312-701-4089 today for a free injury screening or to schedule an appointment. 

Physical therapy for sports injuries - injured football player on field
Sports Injury Physical Therapy Chicago IL

How to Diagnose Sports Injuries

Diagnosing a sports injury typically starts with a physical exam by a healthcare provider. After understanding how the injury occurred and the symptoms, your doctor might request imaging tests such as an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. These images will help your healthcare provider properly diagnose, understand and treat your specific sports injury.

How are Sports Injuries Treated?

Sports injury treatment can vary depending on the type and severity. Many sports injuries heal within a few days and weeks, though for more series injuries, treatment can involve the following: 

  • Casts, splints, slings, walking boots, or other medical devices to prevent movement. 

  • Medications to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. 

  • Surgery to repair broken bones, fractures, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage tears. 

  • Physical therapy to heal and strengthen the injured area. 

Sports Injury PT at Flow Physical Therapy in Chicago

Your health provider may recommend physical therapy after a severe sports injury. Physical therapy maximizes recovery, can speed up recovery times and helps restore strength, flexibility, and movement to an injured body part. 


At Flow Physical Therapy, we design a treatment plan around your specific injury or pain points and closely monitor your progress from your first appointment until treatment ends. We offer various services using proven physical therapy techniques to ease pain, streamline recovery from an injury, and optimize rehabilitation.


If you've recently experienced an injury due to sports or exercise, please call Flow Physical Therapy today at 312-701-4089 to schedule an appointment. 

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