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Running & Walking
Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is a tool that identifies running or walking problems for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you experience pain while moving around or want to increase your performance as an athlete, running and walking gait analysis can benefit you! 

What is Gait Analysis? 

Gait analysis is an exam that provides information about a person's walking or running style and measures how one's entire body moves. Knowing and understanding your gait can help you grow as a runner or athlete, prevent injuries, and relieve pain.

Gait issues can arise when you alter your regular running or walking pattern to compensate for pain or an injury in your lower body. These problems can occur with or without injury but might affect your movement or balance, worsen an injury, or lead to a future injury. By analyzing your unique movements, we can help alleviate aches, pain, and gait abnormalities.

Running Walking Gait Analysis

What to Expect During Gait Analysis 

During gait analysis, a physical therapist at Flow Physical Therapy will measure various factors that make up a person's gait cycle. We complete a physical examination and visual assessment of how your body moves as you walk and run. Some of the elements that we take into account include:

  • stride length

  • the way that your foot contacts the ground

  • the number of steps you take in a set amount of time

  • speed

  • weight distribution

  • foot and hip angle

All these factors help us identify normal gait patterns and diagnose any issues that cause pain or discomfort.

Who Will Benefit From Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is an effective way to pinpoint abnormalities in the way that someone moves. Gait analysis benefits those who experience pain or discomfort from walking or running, helps athletes improve performance, and assists in injury recovery.


During gait analysis, our physical therapists will assess a person's stride, pick up on any issues with arm or head position, and detect any problems with running or walking patterns. An abnormal gait can lead to pain, tension, and a higher risk of injury. However, when you correct your gait with gait training, you can fix other issues from the ground up. A normal gait keeps your hips and knees healthy, keeps the spine and other body parts in alignment, and joints won't experience excess tension. 

Contact Flow Physical Therapy for Your Gait Analysis!

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort while running or walking, or want to improve athletic performance, please contact Flow Physical Therapy today for your gait analysis! Call us at 312-701-4089 or fill out the form on our contact page for more information about our services.

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