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Balance & Gait Training

Balance and gait training is a type of physical therapy that helps improve one's ability to stand and walk. If you find walking challenging or struggle with mobility, balance and gait training might benefit you!

What is Balance and Gait Training? 

Gait refers to a person's walking pattern, and an assortment of injuries, illnesses, and physical conditions can cause an abnormal gait. Balance and gait training helps improve or restore the ability to stand and walk.  A doctor might recommend that you begin gait training if you've had an injury or illness that affects your ability to move around.


Balance & Gait Training Process at Flow Physical Therapy

The process of gait training is similar to other types of physical therapy. At Flow Physical Therapy, we first complete an evaluation to discover where you are moving inefficiently. We will also test your balance, strength, and range of motion. Then, we create a gait training plan to help you meet your goals. 

What does gait training involve?

Gait training often involves machines or other equipment to help you walk safely, along with specific exercises to help improve balance, stability, and strength. We may recommend balancing activities or practicing certain movements as a part of your physical therapy regimen. The duration, type, and intensity of gait training will depend on your particular needs and physical abilities. 

Who will benefit from balance and gait training?

Doctors typically recommend balance and gait training if you have lost your ability to walk or find walking challenging because of an illness, injury, or other health condition. Balance and gait training help in the following ways: 

  • Improves balance and posture

  • Strengthens joints and muscles

  • Builds endurance

  • Develops muscle memory

  • Retrains legs for repetitive motion

  • Increases mobility while lowering the risk of falls

Balance and gait training have many benefits, including avoiding injuries. This physical therapy also reduces the chances of feeling dizzy or falling and builds confidence in your footing. Balance and gait training can also decrease any aches and pains that you may have from poor posture. 

Schedule an Appointment at Flow Physical Therapy

If you find walking challenging or a doctor has recommended gait training, please contact Flow Physical Therapy today! Call us at 312-701-4089 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule an appointment!

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