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Free Injury Screening

Have a nagging pain or injury that is keeping you from enjoying your hobbies and passions? Or have you recently suffered an acute muscle, ligament, or joint injury such as a sprain, strain, contusion, pain, or overall weakness? Reach out to Flow Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment for a free injury screening!

Free Injury Screening at Flow Physical Therapy

Flow Physical Therapy offers free injury screenings at our Chicago, IL location. Our physical therapists will quickly, safely, and effectively provide a thorough assessment to discover any injuries during your visit with us.

You do not need to be an athlete or a highly active person to benefit from having a licensed professional assess your pain or injury. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Free Injury Screening at Flow Physical Therapy
Patient talking with licensed physical therapist about injury

What will my free assessment provide?

Your free injury screening is an opportunity to see a licensed physical therapist regarding a chronic ailment or injury. When pain is left ignored, injuries can worsen, and certain tissue changes can occur. 

During your free evaluation, we will discover and assess any injuries. This evaluation is imperative as it helps us provide you with an understanding of your injury and how it may affect other non-injured parts of your body.

A screening will also provide us with more information so we can recommend treatment options to help you recover quickly and effectively from your injury.

Call Flow Physical Therapy today at 312-701-4089 to schedule your free injury screening!

My injury just happened. Should I wait a few days to ice it or rest it first?

You don't need to wait to schedule an appointment! It is shown through numerous studies that the sooner a person dealing with an injury or pain seeks out a physical therapist, the quicker and more successful their recovery will be. Acting quickly also allows us to help you before the injury worsens and leads to other related issues. Please reach out to the team at Flow Physical Therapy today for your free injury screening.

Schedule an Appointment with a Physical Therapist

If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain, schedule an appointment with our team at Flow Physical Therapy. Our Chicago location offers free injury screening and physical therapy services to correct, treat, and prevent injuries and related pain.


Call us today at 312-701-4089 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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