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Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans

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About Flow Physical Therapy in Chicago, IL

Eric Mills started Flow Physical Therapy to provide individualized, one-on-one care to the community of Chicago.  Flow uses the most up to date, research based techniques to create personalized programs for each individual's specific injury.


Flow Physical Therapy was opened within Lateral Fitness to help bring a holistic approach to rehabilitation. We have physical therapists, MAT specialists, massage therapists, personal trainers, Pilates instructors and nutritionists all under one roof.

Personalized Treatment Plans Designed Just For You!

At Flow Physical Therapy, we only offer one-to-one treatment that is truly personalized for your specific needs. We treat many different conditions, including back and neck pain, muscle strains, sports injuries, work-related injuries, auto injuries and more using a variety of techniques.

We listen, set treatment goals, and design your treatment plan around your specific pain points or injury, and closely monitor your progress from your first appointment until treatment ends. Our affiliation with Lateral Fitness allows us the opportunity to offer a well-rounded approach to your health extending beyond pain management, recovery, and physical therapy. Don’t let pain stand in your way, call us today at 312-701-4089 to learn more or get started!

Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans

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We offer a variety of services using proven physical therapy techniques to relieve pain, streamline injury recovery, and optimize the rehabilitation process.